Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Bee in Bloom April 29, 2018 16:57


Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Bee in Bloom

Katie Gustafson

Mother's Day is coming up soon! This year it falls on Sunday, May 13.  If you have a lavender-loving mama, we offer several products that will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. We also know that Mother’s Day can be a great day to show your appreciation for any woman who has inspired or mentored you, and we have several smaller items in case you plan on gifting several special ladies this year. For those who plan on shopping small with us this Mother’s Day, we wanted to offer this list of ideas to help you find just the right gift for the woman (or women) on your list!

For the Gardening Mom

For the mom with the green thumb, we'd definitely suggest a jar of Bee Healed. This healing salve, developed by Dr. Whitehead’s, is Bee in Bloom’s most popular product. It was formulated to heal most minor skin issues, from eczema to cuts, burns and insect bites/stings. In addition to helping skin heal, it is also deeply moisturizing and instantly helps reduce pain and itching from minor injuries. Bee Healed is an ideal product for anyone who works hard with their hands, and especially for gardeners who encounter thorns and insects on a regular basis. Bee Safeis also a great item for those who spend a lot of time outside, especially with summer on the way. This non-toxic, essential-oil based insect repellent keeps bugs away, smells wonderful, and is completely safe to use on/ around small children. The mom who frequently has young helpers out in the yard with her will definitely appreciate this one! We'd also suggest Bee Usefulhydrosol for the gardening mom. Though Bee Useful has a million uses (hence its name), one of the main reasons Bee in Bloom customers love it is because it is so helpful in the garden. When sprayed on plants, this steam-distilled lavender water helps keep them healthy and keep insects away. Bonus: Bee Useful doubles as a fabulous facial toner! When the gardening mom in your life is done working outside, she can spritz her skin with this nourishing, refreshing hydrosol.

For the Mom Who Loves DIY Pampering

For the mom who makes pampering an art-form by creating her face and hair masks, you can't go wrong gifting her with a bottle Bee Purelavender essential oil to use in her creations. Organically grown and steam-distilled, Bee Pure is available distilled from both the Intermedia (spicy, clean, French) and Angustifolia (floral, sweet, English) varieties of lavender, which are both grown at Bee in Bloom's farm in Lynden, WA. We have a variety of sizes available in Bee Pure, from 5 mL all the way to 100mL! You may even want to present a bottle of lavender oil in a basket alongside a few other DIY pampering goodies. For ideas to share with the DIY mom on how to use lavender oil for pampering, check out this blog post.

For the Mom who Lives in her Car

For the mom who is always on the go, consider gifting her with a cute bag of some of our travel-sized goodies. Bee Smoothhand cream (2 oz), Bee Softlip balm, and Bee Sanitizedhand sanitizer are all extremely portable customer favorites that are great to keep in the car. You could mix up your selection of fragrances for this gift, or you could coordinate all of the items by fragrance (these are all available in both the Honey Lavender or Hawaiian Lavender lines). Another idea for the mom who spends a lot of time in her car would be to gift her with a small bottle of Bee Pure lavender essential oiland one of these essential oil car diffusers—this thoughtful gift will give mom a nice dose of calming aromatherapy as she travels from place to place.

For the Bathtime-Loving Mom

Honestly, if you aren't sure what to choose, this is probably a good choice for any mom. Especially if she loves the scent of lavender, you can't go wrong with gifting the mom in your life with everything she needs to "layer" the experience by getting her some: Bee Pureto add to her bath, body lotionor hand cream, and Bee Fresh lavender spray! These products are available in a variety of fragrances. Be sure to customize your scents by using the drop down menu for each product if you are shopping online!

Sweet Gifts Under $9

If you are sticking to a budget and/or gifting several important ladies this Mother's Day, we have multiple items available under $9! Here are a few favorites:

Lavender Lip Balm-Our lip balms are hugely popular and available in a variety of flavors. They are handmade with beeswax, honey, lavender oil and many other lip-nourishing ingredients. ($4)

2 oz Lavender Hand Creams-The 2 oz hand creams are another customer favorite. They are deeply moisturizing and smell fantastic. This time of year, the Hawaiian Lavender fragrance would be especially nice as a gift because it smells like a trip to the beach! ($5)

Refreshing Spray- Bee Fresh can be used as a linen mist OR body spray. It is also available in both classic Lavender and beachy Hawaiian Lavender! This one makes a great pick-me-up product that anyone would enjoy! ($8)

Hopefully these ideas will help you come up with the perfect gift (or gifts) this Mother's Day! If you have any questions about products, shipping, etc. don't hesitate to reach out to us via e-mail (contact Sara at or through messaging us via one of our social media pages. We'd like to thank you for your interest in shopping small this year. If do you decide to place an online order, remember that we offer free shipping on orders over $50! Whether you're a mom, or you're celebrating a mom, we hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day this year.