Lavender Play Dough Recipe June 23, 2017 04:42

Lavender Play Dough Recipe

Katie Gustafson


I have an almost two year old, and she is just getting into the messy, wonderful world of markers, finger paints and play dough.  For this reason, in addition to my status as a lavender-enthusiast, I was  excited discover the rising trend of aromatherapy play dough (talk about your "play therapy"). Even better? It's really easy and inexpensive to make at home!  I checked out several popular recipes online, and ultimately tweaked my favorites to come up with this version of lavender play dough.  Though I did most of the "work," our little one was fascinated by the process and especially loved watching the color get mixed in. She could not stop playing with/sniffing the finished product! The Bee Pure essential oil in the dough seemed to soothe her allergies as she played. In subsequent play sessions, I've also used this homemade play dough as  a relaxing pre-naptime or pre- bedtime activity. Total honesty: my husband and I really like playing with this stuff, too, especially after (or in the middle of) a stressful day.  Here is the method I used. I really hope you will give it a try and make your own lavender play dough at home!


What You Need:


2 cups flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tbsp vegetable oil
2 tbsp cream of tartar
1 cup of hot (boiled) water 
Approximately 20-30 drops of Bee Pure lavender essential oil. (You may want more or less essential oil, just depending on how lavender-y you like things. We like things pretty lavender-y.)


(Optional Add-ins): 

Purple food coloring 
Lavender buds


First, mix all the dry ingredients together. Next, stir in the vegetable oil. Add the boiling water slowly and mix with a spoon until all lumps are gone. Then the fun part: knead it with your hands until gets that awesome, "play dough" consistency.


Now the aromatherapy part!  Add your drops of Bee Pure. You should stop and smell it to make sure it's as strong as you like. Add some more if you are a fellow lavender enthusiast. I mean, go crazy if you want.  Next add in any additional flair that you like. I added purple dye and lavender buds, but you could do another color, or add glitter (or whatever else you can think of, within reason).

Lastly, do a final check to make sure your play dough is just how you want it. Is it purple enough? Is it lavender-y enough?  You may want to take a deep whiff and see.  I let my daughter decide.  Her happy sigh after inhaling seemed to indicate her approval.




Smell good? Good.  

And there you go! That's all there is to it! Store your lavender play dough in an air-tight container. Tupperware, or a few mason jars, should work perfectly.  You can keep it at room temperature. Each batch has a shelf-life of about one month. 


Making this play dough could definitely be a fun activity for a child's birthday party.  I could also envision it being packed up into jars and distributed as gifts to friends or even co-workers (adults need play time, too.)  Hope you all enjoy and don't forget to "bee fun!"