Honey-Lavender Lemonade June 23, 2017 04:39

Honey-Lavender Lemonade


This Honey-Lavender Lemonade is perfect for a summer afternoon spent by the pool or in the yard.  It's relaxing, refreshing, and oh-so-good for you. The combination of honey and lemon means this lemonade rich in antioxidants, and the addition of lavender makes it extra stress-relieving. Many people report that drinking lavender lemonade noticeably eases their anxiety and/or tension-related headaches. You can certainly tweak our recipe however you like. Some may prefer to use raw sugar or Stevia as the primary sweetener. We love honey, however, for its medicinal properties and for its association with our friend the honeybee.



  • 1 drop of Bee Pure lavender essential oil. (Please note: A little bit goes a long way, so 1 drop will work for 12 servings. Be careful not to overdo it, or it will be too lavender-y---yes there is such a thing!)
  •  1-1.5 cups of honey
  • 12 cups of warm water
  • The juice of 5-6 lemons




  • A pinch of pink Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt has numerous health benefits on its own, but its combination with honey and lemon gives this beverage some awesome electrolyte benefits.
  •  Lavender sprigs/ lemon wedges for garnish. This addition can make your pitcher, or each individual glass, look extra special and fun! 



Mix the honey into 12 cups of warm water until thoroughly combined, then add all of the other ingredients. Taste and tweak as needed. Chill and serve over ice.



Photo Credit: Brianna Rainey