Bee in Bloom's Gift-Giving Guide December 18, 2018 03:52

Bee in Bloom's Gift-Giving Guide

By: Katie Gustafson

                Brightly lit trees, carols, memory-making, cookie baking--this time of year is especially magical. What isn't magical, however, is running through the mall, frantically grabbing armfuls of BOGO deals, only to later experience buyer's remorse as you try to figure out who exactly is going to receive your purchases (please tell me I'm not the only one who's done this?) Despite our efforts to show those we care about that we haven't forgotten them during the holiday season, things can definitely get a little bit harried, stressful, and even impersonal.

                With this in mind, I've put together a little gift-giving guide to help you find the Bee in Bloom items for that are just right for the different types of people on your list! If this guide doesn't help you find the gift you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to Sara via e-mail or send us a message through Facebook or Instagram. One of the perks of being a small business is getting to be personal with customers, and we'd love to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Without further ado, here are some of our recommendations !

The Perfect Gift For:

1.       The Craftsman/Handyman (or woman)

Need a gift for a mechanic, plumber, or artisan? The perfect Bee in Bloom gift for someone who works hard with their hands is undoubtedly Bee Healed. Researched and formulated by Dr. Whitehead, this healing balm contains a combination of super-healing and nourishing ingredients. Our customers use it for winter-chapped skin, eczema, injuries, bug-bites, and more! Another great gift for someone who works with their hands is our deeply moisturizing hand cream, Bee Smooth (available in a variety of scents).

2.       The Gardener

Bee Healed is also an ideal option for those who love to garden (especially since it also heals insect bites quickly!) Additionally, Bee Safe, our safe, natural bug-repelling spray can be used to keep bugs away and/or sprayed on any pets who like to accompany their owners in the garden (it keeps cats and dogs smelling nice, too!) Finally, one of the many reasons we love Bee Useful hydrosol is due to the way it naturally protects plants from insects, without the use of harmful chemicals. Separately or altogether, this trio would be a lovely set for the gardener in your life!

3.       The DIY Beauty Lover

For the person on your list who makes pampering an art-form by creating their own face and hair masks, you can't go wrong with a large bottle of Bee Pure Lavender essential oil. Organically grown and steam-distilled, Bee Pure is available distilled from both the Intermedia (which has a spicy, clean fragrance) and Angustifolia (offering a more floral and sweet scent) varieties of Lavender.  Both types of lavender are organically grown by Bee in Bloom, and the buds are also later distilled to produce the oil on site . We have a variety of sizes available in Bee Pure, from 5 mL all the way to 100mL! You could present a bottle of Lavender oil in a basket alongside a few other basic DIY pampering goodies. You may even want to check out this blog post for further ideas about Lavender oil and DIY beauty.

4.       The Traveler

Know someone who is always on the go for work (or who simply has wanderlust?) Consider gifting them with a trio set of Bee in Bloom products that will help their travels be extra clean and calm: Bee Smooth hand cream (2 oz), Bee Soft lip balm, and Bee Sanitized hand sanitizer. These products are customer favorites and are extremely portable (even carry-on friendly). You could mix up your selection of fragrances for this gift, or you could coordinate all of the items by choosing either the Honey Lavender or Hawaiian Lavender line. Consider tucking these products into a travel-sized toiletry bag for presentation and practicality!  

5.       The College Student

The scent of Lavender brings a sense of home and peace into dorm-life, and it can also help the college student in your life sleep better and stress less. We have several items that would make great gifts for your favorite college student(s), but I'd particularly recommend choosing an option (or options) from our Lavender Mint line. Lavender oil has anti-stress properties, and the aroma of peppermint is uplifting, energizing and thought to enhance focus. Taken together, the Lavender Mint combination is really ideal for student life! The following products are all available in Lavender Mint: Bee Clean Hand and Body SoapBee Smooth Hand and Body LotionBee Smooth Hand and Body CreamBee Soft Lip Balm and Bee Active deodorant. As you can see, you have several Lavender-y, minty choices! The Bee Fresh Refreshing Spay is another good option; we all know those dorm rooms can get a little…uh…"stale."

6.       The Zen Master

For the person who is gifted at decorating/creating beautiful spaces, choose a Lavender gift that is all about ambiance.  Bee Pure essential oil is the perfect gift for evoking a calm atmosphere (especially if your recipient already likes to diffuse essential oil). Bee Fresh Body and Linen Spray is also a thoughtful gift that can be kept on a bedside table to spritz pillows for sweet dreams. If you are local to Lynden, WA, you might also want to consider gifting a "Zen Master" with one of Bee in Bloom's beautiful, dry lavender bundles (contact Sara via e-mail to check for availability). Sara and Brent have perfected the art of preserving Lavender blooms so that the vibrant, purple hue stays beautiful for a long time.

7.       The Mom and/or Dad of Little Ones

Little ones are lots of fun…and they are also always getting into, or making, messes. Bee in Bloom offers some wonderful products that are gentle, safe solutions in the messy life of a parent. As the mom of a little person, I can personally attest that I am grateful for the following products on a daily basis: Bee Useful HydrosolBee SanitizedBee Healed. In addition to about a thousand other uses, Bee Useful is a fantastic cleaner and degreaser that smells nice and is safe for use around children. This week alone, I have used it to clean crayons drawings off the mirrors three times. Bonus: you can spray it on diaper rashes, too! Bee Sanitized is also a wonderful product that toddlers actually enjoy putting on their hands (mine especially loves the Hawaiian Lavender scent!) Unlike a lot of hand sanitizers, this one is moisturizing, so there's no icky, too-dry feeling afterwards. Finally, Bee Healed is a life-saver for any parent. It is great for cuts, insect bites or stings, or minor burns. This healing salve is also gentle and soothing to touch.

8.       The Grandparent

One of the wonderful things about the fragrance of Lavender is how timeless it is. It has a comforting scent that has been appreciated for thousands of years and appeals to all ages and generations. Consider treating a grandparent (or a grandparent figure) in your life to some Bee Clean Hand and Body Soap  / Bee Smooth hand and body lotion in the original Lavender scent! Throw in a Bee Fresh Lavender Body/Linen Spray and you have a gift that is practical and also lovely.

9.       The Teacher

While Bee in Bloom offers many gifts that make practical and affordable teacher gifts, my top suggestions are: Bee SanitizedBee Smooth Hand Cream (2 oz)and/or a small bottle of Bee Pure essential oil.  We all know how many germs a teacher will encounter throughout the course of the day, and choosing a Lavender-infused hand sanitizer is a great way to gift a teacher with a little (at times much needed) aromatherapy. Bee Smooth Hand Cream is a decadently moisturizing cream that can be kept on a teacher's desk. Bee Pure could also make a great gift if the teacher enjoys doing things like playing music or diffusing oils to create a calm classroom environment (God bless those teachers).

10.   The Person Who WISHES they liked Lavender

It's kind of surprising, but there is a little niche of folks out there who really wish that they liked Lavender due its healing/relaxing properties, but who simply don't enjoy its fragrance. Now, I can't really understand this predicament, because I love the scent of Lavender, but these people are out there. I suspect they are probably hanging out with the folks who appreciate caffeine but don't like the taste of coffee.  For this sort of person, you definitely need to check out Bee in Bloom's Hawaiian Lavender line. Inspired by Hawaii, this line of products has prominent notes of tropical Pikake flower, pineapple, and coconut. The scent of Lavender is still present, but it presents very differently in combination with the other notes. Also, the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, stress-relieving properties of Lavender oil are still there! The Hawaiian Lavender line is available in: Bee Smooth Hand CreamBee Sanitized,Bee Soft Lip BalmBee Fresh Refreshing Spray and Bee Active Aluminum Free Deodorant. Try it out as a fun surprise for your, "I-wish-I-liked-Lavender," friends. I can't help you with your, "I wish I liked coffee," friends.


We hope that this gifting guide helps you find something for the people on your list this season! In case you didn't know, we are now offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of $10 or more, and products typically arrive just a few days after the order is placed.  If you'd like to purchase Bee in Bloom from a physical location, you can find our products at: The Green Barn and Cheeks Boutique in Lynden, WA or The Chipper Bird in downtown Bellingham.  You can also find us at at several Haggens Food and Pharmacy locations (full list of those locations here).   

We are so grateful to those of you who have chosen to shop with Bee in Bloom for the holidays! When you make the choice to shop small this season, you are not just giving a personal, handcrafted gift, you are also giving back to small business owners and to the local community that we work with, so thank you very much!  From our family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas!