Bee Fun! July 20, 2017 02:50

“Bee Fun:”
10 Ways To Be Fun This Summer
Katie Gustafson

"A cheerful heart is good medicine." –Proverbs 17:22

Part of Bee in Bloom's mission statement is "Bee Fun." While this definitely includes having fun, it also implies a state-of-being that is open to  laughter, adventures, friendship, and sometimes even mistake-making. The sun doesn't rise and set on the basis of our perfection (it actually keeps rising and setting no matter what we do!) Sometimes the most important thing is to smile and enjoy the view!   Because summer is such a playful, adventurous time, we wanted to share these 10 ways you can “Bee Fun” this summer (and anytime)! We hope these ideas help you to nourish your fun-spirited inner child, whether you are going on wild adventures this summer or relishing life's simple pleasures.

  1.   Interact with Others through Play

Playing with others is one of the first things children learn how to do, but it's just as important for adults! The art of play is simple, therapeutic, and  to guaranteed to cultivate a sense of fun. And, in case you have forgotten how to play (hopefully not), the options are endless!  If you have young children in your life, you could start by joining them for a round of pretend (will you be a pirate, a chef, a princess?) You could also build fantastical creations with them out of blocks or play dough (check out our recipe for DIY lavender play dough here). Another option is to make a "play date" with your spouse or a friend (or a whole group of friends). You could host a board or video game night, play a sport together, or go on a laser tag outing! If you are theatrically inclined, you could also consider playing games that involve dance, improvisation, or making a short film. Regardless of the options you find most appealing, try to find some time each week (if not more often) that you can dedicate to interactive play.


  1. Be Bold

Something about summer evokes the feeling that life should be just a little bit wilder.  Kids and teachers are free from school. Families travel to faraway places. The hot sun tells us it's the perfect time for eating ice cream and swimming in the ocean. And somehow, even if summer doesn't actually change your 9-5 schedule at all, memories of fun in the summertime may still beckon you to do something daring.  So, what's stopping you from being bold? I'm not saying you should do anything crazy, but consider letting loose just a little and trying something new. Have you been too shy to get to know a potential friend better?  Maybe you want to try a new look, or begin a home renovation project, but have been too afraid of change. Perhaps you've never gone to see a movie by yourself, ridden a roller coaster, or tasted sushi. Make a summer bucket-list for yourself. What are some ways you can be fun through being bold?

  1.   Be Musical

People have always found music to be a means of expression and release, and recent studies support music's ability to reduce anxiety and depression.  Whether you're listening to it or making it, music is undeniably powerful and fun. One easy way to incorporate a little music into your days might be to create a mix CD (old school, I know) or playlist of songs that you choose to inspire and uplift you. It's always special to have a list of songs that reflect specific seasons your life, and you might find that the songs you are drawn towards during a particular time can help you process things that are going on around you. Singing or playing an instrument is also a sure way to lift your spirits and share the fun of music. Anyone can sing (even if you don't like to sing in front of others, that's what the shower and car are for!) If you've always wanted to play an instrument but don't know how, the ukulele is an excellent instrument to start with. Portable, simple, and incredibly happy-sounding, it's our instrument of choice for the summer theme of “Bee Fun.”  In the video below, Sara even helps you get started by demonstrating how to play "Lavender’s Blue,” on the ukulele.

VIDEO HERE (If video doesn’t work we can link to the FB page and mention where to find it there)

  1.  Read for Pleasure

Good books take you on grand adventures which simmer on the back-burner of your mind, even as you continue to go on with life as usual. For this reason, a little pleasure-reading is a must for summertime--and for being fun, in general.  Whether it's some late-night reading in the bathtub or early morning reading over coffee, reading is an enjoyable challenge that helps you see and feel the world through the premise of someone else's story. It can also be fun to read a book aloud with someone else. This is especially convenient if you are reading a collection of short stories or a novel with short, distinct scenes. And if you do read aloud, doing “the voices” for the different characters can make it all the more engaging (and silly, too)!

  1.   Picnic

Shake things up a little and eat your meals outside when the weather is nice. It's amazing how much better food tastes when your skin is soaking in a little extra Vitamin C. Suddenly, a simple dinner becomes something exciting (even if it's just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich). If you do want to host a fancier picnic, however, it can also be really fun to plan a more formal spread of summertime finger-food fare. Whether you are keeping things relatively simple or taking a more elaborate approach, check out our recipe for this  Honey-Lavender Lemonade that’s sure to help you kick back and relax. Picnics help us see an everyday event (mealtime) through a different, exciting lens.

  1. 6.  Create

Creativity and fun are best friends, so be fun by using your imagination to create something! Depending on your creative interests, this may include painting, writing, baking, photography...the list of possibilities goes on indefinitely. If you are a crafter and a lavender-lover (which would be my suspicion if you are reading this blog), there are numerous  crafts you can create with lavender oil or lavender blossoms. I love this tutorial on How to Make a Lavender Wreath by Garden Therapy. Also, I suspect that you could do a smaller version of these lavender wreaths to craft wearable fairy-crowns (perfect for frolicking under the full moon in the summertime.)

  1. Indulge

As the expression goes: “Treat yo’self!” Whether it’s a shopping spree or just a nap, a little indulgence now and then can make us all feel like nicer, more fun individuals. And indulging doesn’t even have to be expensive. One of my favorite ways to indulge is to have a movie night at home, complete with spa-treatments. if you are looking for a way to pamper yourself on a budget, check out our recipes for these ultra-relaxing DIY beauty treatments with lavender oil. For extra fun, indulge with a friend!


  1.  Give

A huge part of being fun lies in what you give to those around you. One of my favorite quotes on this topic is by the poet and activist, Maya Angelou. She said: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Fun people bring out the fun in everyone around them. Whenever I think about people in my life who are truly fun, they are always the individuals who find a way to engage, support and give to others.  A great way to cultivate this aspect of being fun is to focus on kindness. If this is something you want to work on (and I think it’s something we all could work on), check out our “Bee Kind” post detailing 10 Simple Acts of Kindness.



  1.       Explore and Engage

An adventurous spirit thrives on fun, and summer is the prime time to awaken your inner explorer.  Getting away for a few days with your family or some friends is a great way to create fun memories that will last for years to come. If an overnight trip isn’t possible, a day trip to get outside and see some new sights is always good, too! Personally, some of my best childhood memories came from a day-trip of hiking (or picnicking) in the nearby mountains with my family. Sidenote: if you do choose an outdoors excursion, remember that a little Bee Pure lavender oil can discourage mosquitoes and help treat bites and stings! Another option for exploring and engaging is to become a tourist in your own hometown.  If you were to tell someone about things they need to do while visiting your town, what would you recommend? Are there any natural wonders they should behold, or restaurants they should experience? Make a list of everything you would suggest somewhere else do on a day in your area…and then pick a day to do it yourself! Once again, choosing to see something familiar from a fresh vantage is an important component of being fun.

  1.   Laugh

Perhaps the most important part of "bee-ing" fun is finding the ability to laugh, whenever possible. This includes laughing in the midst of hard times, and even laughing at yourself. Sometimes we can take ourselves so seriously that every small mistake we make brings us down. But what if, instead, we took the opportunity to laugh at (and learn from) our errors?  Nothing feels better than a wheezy, eye-watering, almost-pee-your-pants, giggle session with a good friend. And we all know that the people who make us laugh, the people we don't care about snorting in front of, are the most fun people of all.

We hope that this list gives you inspiration for finding opportunities to “bee fun”-- for the rest of the summer, and beyond! Remember that being fun is about having fun, but it’s also about finding opportunities to see the adventure in the ordinary, living boldly, and bringing fun into the lives of others.