All About Bee Healed April 29, 2018 16:55

All About Bee Healed

Katie Gustafson

Bee Healed is most likely Bee in Bloom’s most popular product, and you won’t find it anywhere else! This unique, healing salve was meticulously formulated by Dr. Brent Whitehead (half of the husband & wife team behind Bee in Bloom). We love it because contains a selection of powerhouse super-ingredients for healing and nourishing skin, but we also love it for all the reasons you have told us thatyou love it. Customers are always telling us about the awesome uses they have found for this salve, so we wanted to spread the love today by sharing some of these and telling you a little more about Bee Healed!


A devoted physician, farmer and parent, Dr. Whitehead perfected Bee Healed over several years after his young daughter developed severe eczema. One of the major goals achieved in creating Bee Healed was to make a salve that effectively treats eczema, yet is gentle enough for children/sensitive skin. Today, many of Bee in Bloom’s customers who suffer from eczema, psoriasis and other skin issues swear by Bee Healed. Bee Healed effectively treats much more than eczema, however. Dr. Whitehead purposefully incorporated healing ingredients in this salve that would address many different types of ailments and injuries. Among other things, it is recommended for healing: insect stings, burns, cuts, scrapes, and skin irritations of any kind (rashes, etc.)

In addition to these recommendations, customers are always finding new, creative uses for this product! Here are a few of the reasons you have told us you love it!

Why You Use Bee Healed:

  • It provides serious moisture for hard-worked hands. Several different types of natural oils make Bee Healed a softening, soothing moisturizer, especially for those who always have busy hands (craftsmen, handymen, etc.)

  • It works great for a cuticle massage during manicures!

  • It’s an almost-instant remedy for dry, itchy “winter-skin” or wind-chapped skin.

  • In addition to promoting healing, Bee Healed helps instantly to soothe itching and pain from insect stings and bites.

  • The beeswax in Bee Healed acts as a natural protectant/humectant, locking in the moisture and pain-relief benefits of the ingredients for a long time. (In other words, a single application is long-lasting).

  • It is an effective, but gentle, treatment option for children (or anyone) with eczema or psoriasis. There is a small amount of hydrocortisone in Bee Healed, which works alongside proven, natural ingredients to soothe irritated skin conditions. Even so, Bee Healed is more gentle than most hydrocortisone creams.

  • Bee Healed features Tea Tree and Lavender essential oil, both of which have anti-bacterial/ anti-microbial/anti-inflammatory properties that aid in preventing infection.

  • It smells wonderful.  Bee Healed contains no added “fragrance,” but the natural oils and beeswax make a lot of people come back for a whiff!

  • It can be used for anything that you might use Neosporin for!

  • In a pinch, it can be used in hair to tame "fly-aways"

  • Though it hasn’t been developed or tested as such, some customers use this product as an anti-aging cream. One customer said it had helped her combat “turkey neck.” Since beeswax is a good source of Vitamin A (a known wrinkle fighter), this does actually make sense!

  • We’ve also been told that it works well for healing acne and acne-related scars!

It is really special to see a handmade, physician-developed product be so appreciated by its customers. Your support, creativity, and story-sharing means a lot to Bee in Bloom and the Whitehead family! How do you use Bee Healed? We love hearing about how this product plays a role in your daily life. Thank you for your support and for sharing your stories with us!

Do you have any questions about Bee Healed? How do you use this product in your day-to-day life?

Bee Healed Ingredients: A full list of ingredients for this product can be found here.