Top 3 Excuses September 2, 2015 05:10

    Top 3 excuses for not blogging lately

Excuse 1.
The first excuse can be summed up in one number, one letter, and one word: 4-H Fair. Okay…so you know me right? I cannot be done in so few words. :) I had three kids in four barns at the Northwest Washington fair with 4-H projects. I am not talking art projects people. I am talking about 2 250 lb+ hogs, 2 unruly lambs, 2 chickens (one with a questionable breed, this means research time), and 1 very fluffy (like it took us and hour to comb his hair…not exaggerating) bunny. I walked, ran, and limped back and forth between barns all week. My path’s trajectory unfortunately took me right past the poffertjes stand. Poffertjes, for those of you who haven't already succumbed to their power, are some kind of Dutch delicacy created to make us weak in the knees and cause us to look over our shoulders as we whisper that we want extra butter cream on the top…yes, yes we will pay the extra 50 cents…sheesh. As you can image, this completely cancelled out all the calorie burning that occurred walking 400 miles during the week. The good news about the fair is that we earned some rewards for all of our labor. Here is the breakdown:

Maddie: Grand champion hog, reserve junior champion for fit n show - giant belt buckle (beautiful), giant trophy (with a pig on top).


Olivia: Reserve junior champion for fit n show - darling trophy with a chicken on the top (it makes me smile every time).

Mia: Champion for type in class 1, most creatively dressed sheep for costume contest - two big lovely rosettes. Her mother’s daughter, she is ticked that she doesn’t have a trophy. It is SO good for her NOT to have one yet.


Me: bursitis in my hip (it is an actual thing, called Trochanteric bursitis) that I earned from walking so much. I feel your empathy oozing from your heart. Thank you. The thing is, my kids still expect neatly folded piles of laundry to somehow magically make it upstairs to their rooms. The winds of change are blowing over here.

Excuse 2.
The winds of change bring me to my second reason I absolutely couldn’t sit down to blog. know, my old nemesis. It came back with a vengeance, in AUGUST!!!!!! We had hurricane force winds (I don’t feel like I am exaggerating here). The lavender weed cloth survived - whew!!! I was about to lay myself prostrate on it and let my body be a weight (and insist that my husband and children do the same) when we discovered we could use the upside down wheel barrow to stop the flapping in the loose area of the field. The whole west coast of WA was without power for a day or so. We were in the “or so” category and were without power for 33 hours, 27 minutes, and 6 seconds. It felt like a month. We have a well to supply our water, but here is the thing, the well pump is electric. So that means, NO WATER. That means, NO COFFEE, NO COFFEE…for the love of all things good, NO WASHING HANDS, NO FLUSHING TOILETS. I watered my hanging baskets with lukewarm Canada Dry that had lost its fizz. We were living tribal style. I don’t know why, but catching up from that time has taken me 3 times longer than it should. Anyways…no computer, no blog.

Excuse 3.
Brent was on vacation for a week. My husband, heaven love him, doesn’t like to plan activities ahead of time. He likes to just feel out what fun thing he wants to do that day. Super fun. Super spontaneous. One problem: we live on a farm, with animals and things on it. Balancing our “fun” time (if you call Wild Waves theme park with hip bursitis fun), with our regular “get stuff done” time just squeezed blog right out of the equation. We did get to San Juan Island for a day, which was sooo beautiful. We ate lunch at Roche Harbor, my favorite place in the world. We got to stand on the edge of the ocean by a light house and watch Orca whales swim past. It doesn’t get better than that!


Eventually, as was bound to happen, I ran out of excuses. I’m baaaack…muah ha ha haaaa. I don’t know why I needed to insert and evil laugh there. Actually, the way I feel about the last three weeks is just plain thankful.

1. I am thankful that I get to live in an agricultural community where people support children who are learning to take care of animals. I am thankful that I get to be an actual farmer in this community; this is a dream come true for me.

2. I am thankful for power, flushing toilets, coffee and again…whew. Oh yes, and that the weed cloth and trampoline survived the windy blasts.

3. I am thankful for my family and precious memories made together during Brent’s week off.

Next blog topic will probably be: “How I can use lavender essential oil?” or “ What on earth does Bee in Bloom mean anyways?”