Hydrosol…in your face! August 5, 2015 04:47 4 Comments

True Story: The other day in a combo mood of “lazy bum” and “in a hurry,” I asked my 11 year old to please grab me one of those Costco face wipes. I didn’t have the energy or time for my typical facial care routine. She tossed me the wipe and I proceeded to scrub all over my face and neck. I realized after a few scrubs that the smell was kind of strong, and there was a sort of burning sensation on my skin but I powered on! All of a sudden it dawned on me that the face wipes never felt (or smelt) this way before…you guessed it! I had been scrubbing my face with a Costco brand counter top cleaning wipe. By the time I figured this out, my face was really tingling, but NOT in a good way. I was properly horrified and ran to the sink to splash water on my face. My daughter had been confused and grabbed the wrong wipe.

As horrible as this experience was, it was a great example of why I love lavender hydrosol. Huh? You ask, well…let me tell you! First, I need to be a science nerd for just a little bit and explain what hydrosol is, and how we get it.


Lavender hydrosol is produced during the steam distillation of lavender. The steam carries the oils and other water soluble plant materials out of the lavender up into a coiled copper condensing tube. The coil is surrounded by cool water to promote condensation. As the steam condenses the lavender oil separates from the water and we can collect the oil. What we are left with is a distillate that contains great water soluble material from the plants, and a small amount of oil that doesn't separate during the condensation process. The distillate we collect is called hydrosol, and it is all natural (nothing is added) and it is amazing. It is naturally anti-bacterial (lab tested to prove this) and gentle and soothing to skin. Oh yeah…it is also naturally insect repelling.

Hydrosol has become the only counter top cleaner I use. It works amazing to clean stickiness and crud off of surfaces. I love spraying my counter with it and knowing I am not adding synthetic chemicals to the area where we prepare food and eat! It is gentle enough and effective enough to clean my jewelry too. I never took the time to clean my wedding ring in the past, but now I can do it while I wipe the counter. I love sparkle. It works amazingly to get finger prints off of stainless steel. It is not only safe for the skin, but GREAT for it. If I get hot while I am cleaning my counter, I stop and spray my face with it (on purpose). There is NO other counter top cleaner you want to do that with. Trust me…remember…I accidentally did it! I know I sound like I am preaching, but I really feel strongly about this stuff!

Did I mention that it is gentle enough for a baby’s bum? Sure enough! It works to soothe diaper rash and promote healing. It is great to spray on acne prone skin as a toner because it is soothing and antibacterial. It can be sprayed on plants to discourage aphids. It can be sprayed on pets to discourage insects. As a matter of fact, my daughter’s pig (I am a proud 4-H mom) had some kind of rash and we have been spraying it on the pig to soothe and heal her skin. She loves it (I’m talking about the pig)! Okay, okay okay…can you see why I chose to name this product “Bee Useful?”

A friend of mine bought the 16oz container of hydrosol at the Treasures Under the Tents event. She texted me later with a picture of her adorable little girl holding up the bottle and said that she (the daughter) loved it and had used it to clean the bathroom, the kitchen, and the mudroom. You don’t have to worry about your kids getting nasty chemicals on them while they clean for you…can I hear an “Amen?!”


Okay…I am going to carefully step off of my soap box now. You are officially educated about the usefulness of hydrosol!