5 Ways You Should Use Lavender Oil This Fall November 3, 2018 05:14

5 Ways You Should Use Lavender Oil This Fall
Katie Gustafson


There is something about the vivid colors, the crisp chill in the air, and looming flurry of the holidays that casts a spell of adventure over fall.  There are also numerous opportunities to create layers of memories each autumn: camping, fall festivals, baking, pumpkin-carving. Even the simplest of actions, like putting on your favorite pair of cold-weather boots for the first time in months, can be both exciting and nostalgic in the fall.

But for all of the wonderful things you tend to associate with fall, it's unlikely that lavender oil is one of them. Now, you know that we love lavender oil, and we know that you probably love lavender oil ( since you are reading this blog post). However, despite the fact that we might agree that lavender oil is the most versatile and awesome essential oil around, it doesn't particularly seem to go hand-in-hand with, say, pumpkin spice.

Or does it?

You might be surprised to find that lavender oil does have several uses that are especially relevant to this time of year, and we wanted to share five of them with you! That's right: now two of your favorite things can come together to create some lavender-infused, autumnal bliss. 


1.       Pumpkin Carving

Weird but true: lavender oil is great to keep around when you are carving out your Jack-O-Lantern. If you are like me, you use a Sharpie or other permanent marker to draw out your design for the finished product before hacking away at your pumpkin. Sharpies are great for this because they stay put (don't smudge) and provide clear contrast when you begin to cut.


The problem is that it can be tricky to entirely remove the residue of the marker when you are done cutting. However, a couple of drops of Bee Pure on a paper towel will rub the Sharpie right off and leave your pumpkin shiny, clean, and fragrant, too!


2.       To Help with Stress and Sinus Headaches

Stress and allergy- related headaches can be a big downside of autumn. The numerous activities related to Halloween and Thanksgiving (with Christmas coming right behind them) can be lots of fun, but they also bring extra stress to people's already-busy lives. For many, added stress may trigger more frequent tension headaches during this time of year.  Many people also particularly struggle with seasonal allergies particular to the fall (from ragweed, mold, etc).


Known for it's anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender oil can be an effective self-care tool to help combat these headache triggers.  I like to carry a roller-ball of lavender oil and coconut oil to use when a headache or migraine hits. (Sidenote: you can read more about lavender oil and migraines, here).


3.       Potion Making

This one is especially for you folks who love to experiment with different essential oil combinations in your diffuser. You know how I mentioned that you don't automatically think of lavender oil alongside things like pumpkin spice?  The truth is that you totally should. It is a little-known secret that the scent of lavender pairs extraordinarily well with the spicy notes of clove and cinnamon.  The clean, fresh fragrance of the lavender balances out the warm sweetness of more traditionally autumnal essential oils, creating a beautiful and unexpected combination. Try diffusing a few drops of lavender oil alongside one of these spicier essential oils to set a festive and relaxed atmosphere at your next party or holiday gathering.

And just in case you are on the hunt for a little "Love Potion #9," the fragrance combination of pumpkin pie and lavender oil has gained some scientific support for being arousing/ attractive to men. Yes, it's true. Nope, I won't go into the details. They are fascinating but awkward. Check with Google if you don't believe me.


4.       In Your Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Speaking of pumpkin spice, sometimes the PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) craze can be a too much this time of the year, even for those of us who enjoy it. If you are looking for a gourmet and festive hot beverage to jazz up a rainy autumn day, try adding just a hint of lavender to elevate your latte or hot chocolate.

Because lavender oil is so strong, the easiest way to make sure this turns out as delicious as it sounds is to make a simple syrup first. This is essentially just water, honey or sugar and 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil. You can then add a couple of teaspoons of the finished syrup to any beverage you choose.

I especially love the way lavender tastes in combination with white chocolate, and I can't think of anything yummier than a mug of lavender hot chocolate with whipped cream and a little drizzle of white chocolate on top. YUM.

P.S. If you have a recipe for a lavender beverage that you love, feel free to share it with us!


5.       When You Start Working on Those DIY Christmas Gifts

There are some incredible (and affordable) DIY gift ideas centered around lavender essential oil.  When the time comes to start prepping those co-worker or teacher gifts, you will be very happy that you stocked up on Bee Pure this autumn. Because when fall is here, it means that Christmas is just around the corner. 

Have you used lavender oil for any of these things in the autumn? What's something we missed? We love to learn new ways that you like to use this versatile oil!