5 Surprising Uses for Lavender Oil April 8, 2018 03:23

5 Surprising Uses for Lavender Oil
By: Katie Gustafson


Historically, lavender was first used by the Romans to bathe and treat wounds. In fact, “lavender” actually comes from the Latin, “lavare” which means “to cleanse.” (Just try not to read that last sentence in the voice of the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding).  As it turns out, those Romans were on to something. Lavender’s anti-bacterial properties make it a well-loved cleanser that we still rely upon today. Since the days of ancient Rome, we’ve also discovered the wonderful, stress relieving properties of lavender, for which it is even more well-known. Lavender oil is also anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. Contemporary research even suggests it may have a positive effect on numerous physiological and psychological ailments--from headaches to depression.


For all of these reasons, lavender oil is arguably the most versatile essential oil, as well as one of the most beloved. And if your family loves lavender as much as ours does, there’s a good chance you’ve also discovered some quirky uses for it. In this post, we wanted to have a little fun and share a few surprising ways you can use lavender oil in your everyday life!


Arts and Crafts

Have you ever been indulging in a little DIY when you get paint stuck to your hands (or to the carpet?) Maybe your first impulse is to scrub with soap and water, but often that can actually make the problem worse.  Enter lavender oil. Apply a few drops to where the paint has adhered and rub. Any oil-based, household paint will loosen and become much easier to remove. (Plus the aroma of lavender will help ease your nerves as you frantically clean up your mess).  Lavender oil is also a handy, non-toxic resource for artists who paint with oils. When applied to the tip of a paint brush, it works as a turpentine alternative, resulting in thinner, varied strokes on canvas. It’s safe, natural, and much nicer smelling than turpentine!



Makeup Removal

Lavender oil is also great for removing the paint we put on our faces (AKA makeup). Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties also make this oil incredibly nourishing for your skin.  While there are countless ways to use lavender oil in DIY beauty routines, Sara and I both love to use homemade lavender wipes to remove dirt, oil and makeup from our faces. These wipes even work to remove Lipsense! (And if you are a Lipsense user, you know how very valuable that is.) To make your own homemade lavender wipes, simply add about 10-15 drops of lavender oil to a standard-size packet of your choice of wipes. Close the packet and squish it around. The oil will naturally spread out throughout the wipes. You can use these a hundred different ways, but they truly are amazing for makeup removal.


In the Bathroom

Ever been hit by an unexpected urge to “go,” at a bad time or in an inconvenient place? Let’s be honest; we’ve all been there. There is even a famously successful bathroom product made specifically for these situations, featuring the slogan, "spray before you go and nobody will know."  Maybe you've even purchased said product and been impressed by how well it works. And a really cool, if slightly awkward, life-hack is that you can create the same effect via lavender oil. Just add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the toilet before you go. This creates a barrier that keeps any unpleasant—err—odors, trapped beneath the water's surface, so that only the lovely scent of lavender remains after you flush.  (P.S. Our small 5mL of Bee Pure lavender essential oil is the perfect size to slip into your purse for this very occasion.)


Pets, Porches and Patios

If you are a lavender oil lover, you probably enjoy diffusing it to create a pleasant, calm, atmosphere. But while guests appreciate being greeted by the scent of lavender when they enter your home, pests do not. In fact, it is a major deterrent to creepy-crawlies: from the microbial parasites, to overtly irritating fleas and mosquitoes. This makes lavender oil ideal to diffuse around entryways, porches, patios, etc. Similarly, it’s great to rub on pets who frequently go between inside and outside. Lavender oil is also a safe alternative to mosquito/bug repellent for children of any age. In fact, Sara and Brent formulated a natural insect repellent,  Bee Safe, using lavender oil as one of the active ingredients. Especially in spring and summer, consider giving lavender oil a try in your entryways, outdoor areas and on your babies (and fur babies.)


In Shoes

Have any old shoes lying around that don’t smell so amazing? Try putting just a couple of drops of lavender in them! In addition to smelling good, lavender oil is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial, properties which may address the reason your shoes are smelly to begin with. You can also combine 2-4 drops of lavender oil with a teaspoon of baking soda and drop them into a pair of shoes, let it sit overnight, then shake them out the next morning. Voila!


These are just a few of the weird and wonderful ways we love to use lavender oil, every day. At Bee in Bloom, Bee Pure lavender oil is hand harvested and small-batch distilled from plants that Sara and Brent grow organically. The entire process takes place on the farm in Lynden, WA, and the oil that results is 100% pure. We hope you’ll give Bee Pure a try the next time you are in search of a high-quality lavender oil. We also hope you’ll share some of the fun and unique ways that youlove to use this oil every day!